S2-E49 – Self-care and the Importance of Asking for Help

In this episode of the ignitephysio podcast, hosts Andrew and Maxi reflect on the topic of self-care and seeking help. They discuss Maxi’s recent health challenges and her experience of being on the receiving end of help and support, and her ongoing commitment to her own self-care.

As therapists in the helping profession, it is very easy to put the needs of others first, with self-care not as highly valued as self-autonomy. Together, Andrew and Maxi examine the value of keeping our own well-being a priority, ways to incorporates self-care into our own lives, and to acknowledge and encourage it with our patients. 

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • Recognizing that as therapists, the need to be looking at our own self-care, and facing the resistance that we can feel internally to asking for help.
  • Being aware and recognizing our own warning signs of neglecting an aspect of our well being, and the tendency to cope by pushing through.
  • The emotional component around self-care and the manifestation of physiological reactions and symptoms.
  • Ways to create space for reflection and grounding.
  • Using our body rather than a cerebral approach as a way to enter into becoming more grounded in a place of safety.
  • Acknowledging patients for taking the step in their own self-care, and what we can do as therapists to celebrate that as part of their treatment plan.
  • Recognizing how part of our role as therapists is to help patients feel safe in their bodies, beyond just improving function.


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