S2-E50 – The Power of Beliefs and Reframing for Patient Recovery

In this 50th, and final episode of 2019, hosts Andrew and Maxi discuss how physiotherapists can provide a deeper transformation for patients by using reframing and healing words.

With three of Andrew’s recent cases as examples, they explore how Andrew’s approach, inquiry, mutual exploration, and reframing helped his patients become more present and aware in their body, allowing for deeper healing and function.

By reframing the role of movement, and inviting them to be aware of their beliefs about “exercise” and “struggle” as necessary for recovery, Andrew shares how his approach opened the door to provide the space for patients to tell their story, and become more empowered in their own recovery.

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • How healing words and reframing provide a deeper awareness for the patient.
  • How movement can be used as an invitation for the patient to change their relationship to pain.
  • How transitioning from movement with struggle, to softening into movement resulted in a significant shift in perspective.

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