S2-E48 – Exploring Health Coaching for Physiotherapists

In this episode of the ignitephysio podcast, hosts Andrew and Maxi welcome guest Cindy Grand about the emerging area of health coaching for physiotherapists.

Cindy works at Alberta Health Services as an Implementation Lead for the Walter C. MacKenzie campus Connect Care team, supporting Allied Health in their implementation of the new health information system set to launch in November, 2019. 

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • How Cindy uses coaching techniques in her current role of overseeing the implementation process of Connect-Care to support people and processes through the change.
  • How taking “Health Change Methodology” training for health behaviour change was the pivotal training that transformed her work and interactions with patients.
  • Cindy’s definition of health coaching and its role within the physiotherapy profession, and the shift away from the expert-driven model.
  • Why coaching skills supports efficient goal setting with the right timing for when the patient is ready.  
  • How non-judgmental curiosity improves the interaction with patients and establishes rapport and trust.
  • Why health coaching is becoming increasingly important for physiotherapists to incorporate into their daily practice with today’s complex social issues. 
  • How addressing health behaviour change starts by asking the patient better questions. 
  • A review of coaching tools and frameworks to use in your practice, and Cindy’s techniques she uses every day.

Click HERE to access the Toolkit developed by Physiotherapy Alberta for health coaching with tools and resources.

Guest Bio:

Cindy Grand is a change-maker fueled by good coffee and a passion for patient-centred care. She worked in sports/orthopedics for 14 years and then on the Provincial Bariatric Resource team, a multidisciplinary team supporting providers of care for patients with obesity for 5 years. She completed her Master of Public Health and is Prosci Change Management Certified, has her HealthChange Associates Peer Training levels 1 & 2 and has completed Foundational Training in Cognitive Coaching. Cindy has had the honor of being a lecturer at the University of Alberta for physiotherapy and interdisciplinary students. You can currently find her in a temporary role of Implementation Lead on the Walter McKenzie Campus Connect Care Implementation Team before she returns to the Integration & Innovation Team within the Provincial Primary Health Care Program, AHS.

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