Sleep Health Matters....

...for decreasing persistent pain.

...for improving body recovery.

...for decreasing fall risk.

...for increasing physical function.

Get everything you need to know about sleep health as a physiotherapist in this concise, easy-to-read book.

As physiotherapists we may ask cursory questions to our patients but sleep.

But often don’t feel comfortable digging deeper. There’s a strong relationship between pain and sleep which means the likelihood is that a number of people on your caseload struggle with sleep.

The biopsychosocial model has been making more and more inroads into how we look at our treatment strategies, which is great. But, sleep health can often be forgotten.

What I discovered was that sleep education focused for the physical therapist was sparse. And I wrote this book to empower the physiotherapist with the knowledge and tools to help understand sleep health.

Why is sleep health important for physiotherapists?

Listen to this podcast with Andrew as he shares why on the ignitephysio podcast:

Hear what physiotherapists have had to say:

Concise. Easy to Read. Written for Physiotherapists.

Each chapter brings just the right amount of detail to give you the understanding you need as a physical therapist…not as a sleep researcher.

  • Easy-to-read and evidence based with over 170 references
  • Save countless hours of research and reading to get the most important clinical information on sleep for physiotherapists
  • Access a practical toolkit of patient education resources to help educate patients

Get Your Copy Today!

Save yourself hours of time by getting the right depth of information to start helping your patients right away. 

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