Top 9 Resources to Help You Pass the PCE: IEPTs and Students

Our Best Resources for IEPTs and Students to Help Prepare For the PCE

As ignitephysio continues to grow, there are more members asking questions on the Q&A; board and more articles/blogs published on the site. This is great of course, but we wanted to create a top resources list for physiotherapists at varying stages of their career to help people find the information that is most relevant to them. This list is the “Top 9 Resources to Help You Pass the PCE: IEPTs and Students”.
Question and Answer:
1. Can anyone recommend some good courses to do for PCE preparation? Link
2. What book do you recommend studying from for the MCQ? Link
3. Do you have any recommendations for how to best prepare for the PCE written exam? Link
4. Does anyone have any recommendations for the most useful study guide texts (including edition) to use in preparation for the written component of the PCE? Link
5. Do you have any advice for how to best prioritize PCE exam prep? Link
6. The Top 10 Best Resources to Prepare for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam Link
7. Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) Prep: How to Manage Test Stress and Anxiety Link
8. The Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE): How to Get Through in One Piece Link
9. Physiotherapy Competency Exam 8 Week Study Timeline Link

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