63 Twitter Accounts for Physiotherapists to Follow

Twitter, and other social media outlets, are a great way for physiotherapists to keep up-to-date on the latest research and clinically-relevant information. Not only that, social media creates a great platform for clinicians to connect with one another and acts as a great medium for information sharing between clinicians world-wide! However, it can be challenging to find twitter accounts that provide useful, relevant, and reliable information.
To make things a little easier, we did some research and created a list of twitter accounts that physiotherapists should follow!


There are a number of Twitter accounts focusing therapeutic exercise. Here are a few that we found most relevant and useful!


It seems like every scientific journal out there has their own Twitter account, but the problem is that many of these journals aren\’t specific or relevant for physiotherapists. Here are our favourite research accounts to follow!


Many conditions that physiotherapists see on a daily basis have their own societies/groups and Twitter accounts. Here are some condition-specific Twitter accounts we thought would be useful for physios!



  • Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation @CACPR_1

Sport Injuries:


PT Forums/General Information

Here are a few Twitter accounts that we thought were relevant but didn\’t seem to fit in any specific category. Check them out!

Physiotherapy Associations

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the provincial physiotherapy associations are great accounts to follow as they are often tweeting important information on membership, physiotherapy practice, and the latest and greatest in physiotherapy research!


Some universities have created their own twitter accounts for rehab-specific tweets. Here are a couple accounts that are very active on the Twitter scene!


Many researchers, specialists, educators and other important people in the physiotherapy world have their own Twitter accounts. We created a list of some of our favourite people to follow!

If you follow any Twitter accounts that we\’ve missed and that you think your physiotherapist colleagues would benefit from, please comment below or email us at hello@ignitephysio.ca so we can add it to this article!

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