S2-E52 – Understanding the Cause of Burnout

Andrew and Maxi welcome guest Glenda Lane to the ignitephysio podcast. As a fellow physiotherapist in Edmonton, Glenda shares her journey of recovering from burnout. Their discussion shines a different light on the topic of burnout and offers a shift of perspective and tools for managing self-care in the helping profession.

As a physiotherapist for 28 years, Glenda reflects on her early years in practice and her behaviour patterns that led to burnout, inspiring her to take additional training as an Intuitive Energy Coach 8 years ago to help other healthcare professionals avoid it. You’ll hear how she now practices physical therapy work in a completely different way, and coaches other physical therapists to change how they work as well.

Giving is not okay at the cost of your own wellbeing. ~ Glenda Lane

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • Glenda’s description of the stages of her burnout, and the behaviours she had since youth that were causing it.
  • Why being out of touch with her body, habitual beliefs, and living with chronic stress resulted in a dysregulated nervous system, and why giving herself full permission to truly rest was needed to regulate it again.
  • How engaging in self-care activities won’t matter if your internal beliefs are still driving the behaviours that create burnout.
  • Why taking on responsibility for others’ well-being depleted her energy and led to burnout.
  • Understanding the deeper causes of pain, such as headaches and back-pain caused by stress and anxiety. 
  • How she has changed how she works with patients.

Guest Bio:

Glenda Lane is a physiotherapist and life coach. She has been practicing for 28 years and about 8 years ago she began doing life coaching to help others including therapists overcome burnout. She helps people shift from living in stress and survival mode to thriving and living in flow with life. Glenda teaches simple but powerful energy tools and practices, empowering people to create how they desire to feel and live. 

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