S2-E46 – Therapist Burnout & The Need for Self-Regulation

In this episode, hosts Andrew and Maxi discuss the reality of burnout, and the challenge of staying energized, satisfied and motivated with daily clinic work.

Following Andrew’s feedback from a nation-wide survey of PT’s, he reflects on the conversations with new grads about their struggles with managing the complexities of treatments, while also managing expectations from multiple stakeholders.

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • The common challenge of providing good-quality care while managing so many expectations.
  • The impact of incongruency of what we’re feeling internally and what we present to the patient.
  • Recognizing emotional exhaustion as the early warning sign of burnout, and patterns of behaviour in response.
  • Maintaining the therapeutic relationship while also self-regulating our own energy and presence, to work in an authentic way.
  • Being overly attached to the outcome of a patient’s progress, and not taking things personally when the patient doesn’t improve.
  • The feeling of professional loneliness, and the importance of social connection.


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