S2-E44 – Treating an Aging Caseload: Physio’s Role in Improving Seniors Health

n this episode, Andrew welcomes back Todd Wolansky, Physiotherapist and a Clinical Lead with Alberta Health Services in Canmore. Todd’s passion for geriatrics led him to recently obtain the designation of Clinical Specialist in Seniors Health with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. You can listen to Todd’s previous podcast interview; Why Seniors Health is the New Sexy.

In this episode the discussion centers on the fastest growing segment of the Physiotherapy patient caseload; seniors. Todd provides the changing treatment plan of the aging population with the focus of providing mobility and assessment tools, and the move from reaction to prevention with providing balance and strength training.

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • Todd’s review of predictive tools
  • How to incorporate a screen and assessment into a treatment plan
  • The Canadian Geriatric Society’s framework called “The 5 M’s” – 1) Mobility 2) Mind 3) Medications 4) Multi-complexity 5) Matters Most
  • How to integrate these concepts into a private practice, (with Andrew’s experience and examples)
  • How to connect the dots and provide a bigger picture of their goals of strength and mobility
  • Common misperceptions that Todd experiences
  • How PT’s can be more comfortable with senior care, even though they’re not specialized in Geriatrics
  • Key warning signs for PT’s to look for with mobility issues
  • Using the Seniors’ Mobility Toolkit

Interview Guest:

Todd Wolansky is a physiotherapist working as a clinical lead for rural rehabilitation in the Calgary Zone of AHS. Clinically, Todd’s areas of passion & experience are in seniors’ health, chronic disease management, health coaching, and exercise prescription. In his lead role, he works with clinicians and operational leaders to support the delivery of evidence-informed service models. Todd is an elected council member with Physiotherapy Alberta. He is a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute, and a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Alberta. Todd is currently a candidate with the CPA’s clinical specialty program in Seniors’ Health.

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