S2-E31 – Pain Neuroscience Education: Practical Perspectives from our Guest Panel: Part 1

In this episode Maxi and Andrew continue to delve further into chronic pain management with 3 special guests. Our guests today are University of Alberta PT professor Dr. Geoff Bostick and clinicians Janet Holly and Murray Kowalczyk.

We cover the following in this episode:

  • What is pain science education?
  • Which patients should we giving pain science education to?
  • A useful analogy to use with patients in helping patients reflect on their personal story
  • What are the core components that make up pain science education?
  • Why we need to be reflective as therapists in evaluating our interactions with patients?
  • What’s the evidence for the effectiveness of pain science education?
  • Why should pain science education should be a part of every therapist’s toolkit?

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