S1-E24 – PT Student Placement Success – An Interview With Mary Cavanaugh

In this informative episode, Andrew and Mary discuss what it takes to succeed in student placements. Mary shares what has worked for her in the past, and Andrew shares his own experiences.

Mary Cavanagh is a physiotherapy student at the University of Alberta. As part of the MScPT program’s distributed education model, she attends classes in Calgary along with a small group of other students. Prior to entering the MScPT program, Mary completed a BSc(Hon) in Physiology & Pharmacology at the University of Saskatchewan, with a research focus in behavioural neuroscience. Neuroscience and mental health continue to be areas of great interest for her, and she hopes to incorporate these interests into her future career. Outside of classes, Mary enjoys connecting with and contributing to the Canadian physiotherapy community. She was a first year representative on the National Student Assembly Council and is serving as an executive member for 2016/17.

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