S1-E02 – When Does Scoliosis Matter? An Interview with Maureen Dwight

Do you wish you had a better understanding of when scoliosis really matters? You’ll want to check out this interview with Maureen Dwight, a physiotherapist and an MSK clinical specialist.

In this episode Maureen shares some key insights regarding scoliosis and its assessment. She also provides a great overview of the different scoliosis schools of thought.

Interview Guest

Maureen Dwight, PT is a physiotherapist and founder of The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic in Toronto. She was one of the first physiotherapists in Ontario to receive a nationally recognized specialist designation as a Clinical Musculoskeletal Specialist. Her areas of interest include chronic neck, back and post-operative spinal conditions. She has extensive experience with adolescent and adult scoliosis, including both non-operative and post-operative rehabilitation.

She has studied with Dr. Rudolph Weiss of Germany and received a certification in his Scoliologic method as well as studying with renowned Czech physician, Dr. Vladimir Janda. She is committed to the understanding of underlying issues which impact chronicity and the non-traumatic causes of musculoskeletal pain. Her experience in complex post-surgical conditions has led her to recently expand her practice into the area of post-treatment cancer rehabilitation.

For more info on Maureen visit her website here.


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