Stop, Breathe & Think App

What is it?

Stop, Breathe & Think is a highly rated, FREE guided meditation app. Mindful meditation has been found to be a beneficial intervention with patients struggling with sensitized nervous systems and/ or stress. It allows patients to gain greater breathing awareness. Beginning by first checking in with how your are thinking and feeling at the time, the app recommends different meditation recordings of varying lengths based on your emotions. If you’d rather skip the review of your thoughts and feelings, you can also bypass this step and select a meditation recording from a list.

Our Thoughts:

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android or online, this app is an excellent resource to share with your patients who are struggling with stress or anxiety, pain and with those who may benefit from increasing their breathing awareness. With meditation recordings ranging from 3 to 20 minutes long, this app is short and sweet. It’s simple to navigate and tracks your progress over time. The app also offers a quick explanation of the benefits of meditation and a how-to meditate. Check out our article Physio App Review: A Simple to Use Breathing App for Patients, for a physiotherapist’s evaluation of the apps clinical usability and benefit to patients.



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