What is it?

OrthoEvidence is an online resource founded in 2009 by Dr. Mohit Bandari that provides up-to-date evidence based summaries of information in the field of orthopaedics. The summaries are provided by orthopaedic experts with the aim of making the most relevant clinical information available to practitioners. There are thousands of Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE) reports from more than 360 journals available on the website. Each ACE report includes the following headings: Synopsis, Why was this study needed now?, What was the principal research question? What were the important findings? What should I remember most? Click on the link below to visit the OrthoEvidence website.

Our thoughts:

This is a great resource for physiotherapists in the MSK/orthopaedic field of practice. Having a summary of the most relevant information provided saves clinicians the time in reviewing the article themselves and allows them to use the information from the articles in their practice immediately. As well, OrthoEvidence is partnered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and therefore access to information on OrthoEvidence is free to CPA members.



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