How to Change Your Scoliosis with Stretching and Exercise: Patient Video

What is it?

This is a patient video on how to use stretching and strengthening exercises to change your scoliosis. This video is provided by Ed Paget at Intrinsi Osteopathic Clinic and goes into detail about the changes to the spine that occur in scoliosis and how the exercises aim to correct them. The video describes in great detail the importance of both strengthening and stretching exercises in the treatment of scoliosis.

Our Thoughts:

This video is a great resource for clinicians and patients alike. The detail into the biomechanical changes at the spine and how these changes inspire specific exercises is important for clinicians to understand. At the same time, this video avoids the use of jargon, making this video useful for patients as well. Overall, this is a fantastic resource to help understand the importance of therapeutic exercise in the treatment of scoliosis. Click on the button below to access the video.



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