Habitlist App

What is it?

Habitlist is a customizable iPhone app designed to help keep you motivated, reach your goals and create habits that are healthy long term. Available for download for $3.99, habitlist can be implemented into your treatment interventions as a way to help patients stay compliant with their home exercise programs and encourage other healthy behaviours such as frequently changing positions while at work.

Our thoughts:

Habitlist is very easy to use and completely customizable for the desired behaviour or exercise and frequency. Patients are able to set reminders and a dashboard gives them a quick overview of their daily progress towards their habits or goals. The app also helps keep the user motivated by highlighting streaks of habit completion, meaning that the app shows how many days in a row they were successful in completing the habit. Check out the article Getting Patients Motivated With iPhone app Habitlist: A Review for Physiotherapists, for a physical therapist’s review of the apps clinical applicability.



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