Compendium of Physical Activities: Tracking Guide

What is it?

The Compendium of Physical Activities was initially created to standardize the assignment of MET intensities in physical activity questionnaires in epidemiological studies. The Compendium assigns a 5-digit code to activities in which the first two digits are the category of exercise (biking for example) and the last three digits are a description of the activity (speed of biking for example). Check out the link below for the Compendium tracking guide. For more information of the Compendium of Physical Activities, click here.

Our Thoughts:

It can be challenging to figure out whether our patients are reaching the desired amount of METs of physical activity in a week recommended in the physical activity guidelines. This detailed tool can help practitioners get an idea of how many METs of physical activity their patients are getting per week by taking into account the type, duration, and intensity of exercise their patients are doing. The activities also include many ADLs, which helps broaden the scope of this resource. In doing so, clinicians can better educate their patients on how to reach the recommended amount of physical activity per week.



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