Achilles Tendinopathy ToolKit

What is it?

Developed by the Tendinopathy Task force in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia, the Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit is a summary of the current evidence supporting best physiotherapy practice, assessment and treatment of achilles tendinopathies.

It includes:

  • summary of the current evidence in the treatment of acute and chronic achilles tendinopathy including the clinical research evidence, published expert opinion, global take home messages and clinical implications
  • A 1 page treatment algorithm to guide your clinical decision making when assessing and treating achilles tendinopathy
  • A phased achilles tendon loading exercise protocol
  • Low level laser therapy dosage calculation
  • A thorough list of the evidence used to compile these recommendations for biomechanical assessment and interventions including manual therapyexerciselow level laser therapyextracorporeal shockwave therapyiontophoresistapingorthotic, brace/ night splintheel lift and acupuncture/ related techniques.
  • A summary of the medical and surgical interventions commonly prescribed for the management of an achilles tendinopathy including pharmacologyinjection therapiesdry needling and surgery.

Our Thoughts:

This resource is incredibly well researched and organized for easy practical application. With one glance a practitioner can review the type of evidence, research methods, study results, pros and cons and practical implications for a wide array of articles and interventions. It is also refreshing to see expert clinical opinion factored into a recommendation. As we can all attest to, in physiotherapy we must not solely rely on evidence but our clinical experiences as well.



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