Concussion Management: A Toolkit for Physiotherapists

What is it?

This concussion management toolkit was developed by Physiotherapy Alberta with the purpose of providing physiotherapists who do not routinely treat concussions with information and resources for assessment and management of adult patients with persistent post-concussive symptoms. The toolkit provides a definition of concussion, its prevalence, signs and symptoms, risks, prognosis and management. As well, the role of physiotherapy in concussion screening, assessment and management is discussed.

Our Thoughts

This toolkit is a great resource for physiotherapists who have not taken further training in concussion assessment and management. Concussion is a complex injury and we as physiotherapists are seeing more and more patients in our practices that have had or are still struggling with symptoms from concussions. This toolkit provides a comprehensive description of concussion as well as access to relevant outcome measures, assessment checklists, and additional resources.



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