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Ready for more confidence & fulfillment with better results?

If you’re ready to:

  • Let go of the self-doubt
  • Escape the constant feeling of overwhelm
  • Get more from your assessments
  • Stop defaulting to cookie-cutter treatments 
  • Overcome the gnawing feeling of inadequacy you feel.
  • Become a creative, curious & confident clinician

Then you’re in the right place.

I'm here to help!

Through years of coaching and mentoring physiotherapists, I have realized that so many of us fail to unlock our true potential. 

So I developed a coaching program designed specifically for physiotherapists like you, looking for something more. To help you get into a consistent flow state where you love the work you do every day.

Ready to find out more?

The Confident Clinician Coaching Program

This 6-week program is designed to transform you into a clinician who operates on a new plane of clinical awareness, insight and impact.  This coaching program moves past information acquisition and is focused 100% on clinician transformation.

With this program you'll learn to:

And here's the cool part...👇

You can accelerate your outcomes and achieve everything I’ve shared with the skills and knowledge you already have. 

There's only 3 things you need to take your clinical skills to the next level:

That’s all! My program is perfect for all orthpaedic-focused physiotherapists, whether you’ve been practicing for 6 months or 6 years. 

Ready to transform your practice?

My unique path of clinical discovery.

As a physiotherapist with over thirteen years of clinical experience, I’ve travelled a unique path of self-discovery and clinical experience that has brought me to a place of deep clinical fulfillment and raving client results.

When I entered the workforce as a passionate and eager physiotherapist, I felt the unnerving pressure to pursue manual therapy training. Maybe you’ve felt that pressure too. But life had a way of leading me down a different path. 

After finishing physio school I was dealing with a chronic wrist injury and a re-aggravation of long-standing sciatica. Not the perfect conditions to jump into doing manual therapy. Instead, I needed to find a way to treat my patients that didn’t put added strain on my hands and back. Based on a recommendation for a preceptor, I decided to focus my post-grad training in movement systems training. For the past 13 years, I have focused on honing these skills and creating a personal assessment system that makes it much easier to uncover someone’s pain drivers without complicated and different-to-recreate manual techniques. 


I expanded my approach by incorporating medical acupuncture and GunnIMS dry needling to bring more rapid change to the nervous system. My desire has been to approach treatment in a holistic way. I even studied sleep health and wrote a book on the topic for physical therapists, which rounded out my ability to treat the whole person, even if they first came to me for back or shoulder pain.

But beyond this, I have had to overcome my own experiences of anxiety, imposter syndrome and burnout. I recognized many years ago,  that the key to better results and a fulfilling career required me to live in a consistent place of curiosity, creativity and collaboration. I want to share my unique system with you to provide the same feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction for helping your patients live their best lives.

Meagan Physiotherapist

Hear what Meagan, practicing for six years, had to say about Andrew's coaching...

In the past, I was much more pathoanatomically focused and really honed in on the site of injury. I would just dive into exercise and carry on from there. But I started getting mentally stuck with a lot of patients. 

Since getting mentoring with Andrew though, I’ve started looking at things with a broader lens and taking the patient more as a whole.

The thing that really struck me about Andrew’s approach is that it isn’t rocket science. But his holistic approach and in-depth appreciation for the whole kinetic chain has freed me to move beyond the site of pain.

I found my patients are more on board. They understand more about what I’m doing. They’re more open to me trying new things instead of expecting me to fix them. No more, “Where’s my hot pack? Where’s my ultrasound? Where’s my manual hands-on stuff?” 

My patients are more actively invested now, which is really fun!

Build the 3C's Necessary to Fuel Your Flow State

Stop feeling panicked, frustrated and discouraged with your evaluations. Re-ignite your Curiosity, tune into your unique Creativity and Collaborate with your patients in deeper ways. 

Get Unstuck With Tricky Cases & Connect the Dots with Ease

Leave behind cookie-cutter treatments and connect-the-dots to deliver treatment that you know will improve your patient condition. Whether you have been practicing physiotherapy for 6 months or 6 years, you will experience renewed confidence and enjoyment in your work.

Treat the Whole Person with Confidence

Wow your patients by moving beyond the site of pain to look at the whole body. You’ll gain the understanding and practice to feel comfortable integrating a whole-body approach to your assessments. Patients who have struggled with persistent pain for years will experience new hope and testable improvements! 

Boost Efficiency & Deliver More Value

Focus on the things that matter and avoid confusion, overwhelm, and panic. With the frameworks and decision support tools found within the program, you can focus on bringing your creativity and curiosity to each & every session and deliver amazing results with every patient.

Past participants improved their clinical confidence by 36%!

Movement systems matter

Movement systems are a critical underlying factor for presenting conditions. Understanding, assessing, and treating movement systems is a powerful lever to resolving pain and regaining function. Integrated movements with function are the ultimate test for physical resiliency, and the way you should approach your patients.

A scientific mindset to every assessment

By adapting to a scientific mindset, you will be able to test interventions and identify patterns for improvements within a session. I teach physiotherapists to approach every patient’s diagnosis as a hypothesis that needs testing and confirmation. This ensures that you progress toward the right treatment plan for every patient, every time.  

A neuro exam for more than ruling out red flags

Neuro exams should guide clinical reasoning and decision-making, yet so many physiotherapists speed through it to get to the meat of their assessment. To better understand complex patients and treat them accordingly, a neuro exam should be integrated more deeply into the evaluation of movement & function. Remember, a healthy nervous system equals a happy muscle & movement system.

Avoid the magic hands techniques that are hard to replicate

While manual therapy techniques are helpful, they aren’t what create lasting change in patients. To be honest, I think nuanced manual therapy methods can create a lot of therapist anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. My approach involves engaging the patient in a collaborative active approach as the key to superior long-lasting clinical outcomes.

Here's How You'll Change Your Clinical Practice

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Live Group Program

$999 $ 699
  • 6 Week Live Program
  • 1 Year Access
  • Private Community
  • 👇👇👇
  • CI360 Assessment Form
  • CI360 Connect the Dots Worksheets
  • CI360 Doodling to Better Clinical Reasoning Training
  • Upper Body Movement Pattern Cheat Sheets
  • Lower Body Movement Pattern Cheat Sheets
  • Upper Body Exercise Pathways
  • Hip & Low Back Exercise Pathways
  • ThoracoPelvic Canister Exercise Pathway
  • 1 Minute Motivation Boosters
  • Mindset Podcasts
  • Clinical Reset Meditation
  • Daily Action Learning System


Live Group Program + Personalized Support

$1299 $ 999
  • 6 Week Live Program
  • 1 Year Access
  • Private Community
  • 2 x Private Case Walkthroughs
  • 1-on-1 Support for 6 Weeks

Hear about the biggest wins for past students 🎉👇

The course has helped me to organize all the information that I'm taking in during my assessments...and make sense of it!

This program has given me permission to slow down…really helped with confidence and decreased stress.

I was given a lot more tools to help figure out which area to address first. [Andrew’s tools] made me feel more enjoyment from my job.

100 Day Clinical Practice Change Guarantee

This program will change your clinical practice… guaranteed!

If you don’t feel that your clinical practice has improved because of how you approach your patient assessments and treatments, then you get your money back. I’m so positive that you’ll feel more confident as a clinician and you’ll see better results with your patients that I am offering a full refund for 60 days after the 6-week program ends. That’s over a 100 days to put the CI360 Framework into practice and see the results of the program!

I am confident you won’t need a refund, but just in case, there are only two requirements to qualify for the guarantee. First, you must participate in the first three weekly coaching sessions. Second, you must share feedback with me on why you decided it wasn’t right for you.

That’s all!

Accelerate Your Growth With These 12 Bonuses

Connect the dots in your assessments faster and with greater ease.

This group of bonuses valued at $355!

Have clarity on easy-to-use corrective exercises and progressions for all the key areas addressed in the program.

These Bonuses are valued at $417

Stay motivated and take action throughout the program with these unique bonuses.

This group of bonuses valued at $356

Here's How My Program Is Structured

  • Learn the 4 factors that impact peak clinical performance
  • How to overcome the #1 issue that will impact your ability to move beyond treating site of pain
  • How to improve your emotional state for optimal learning and growth
  • Understand how to organize your clinical assessment data for easier and faster clinical reasoning
  • Learn how to utilize a hypothesis-driven approach for shoulder & neck-related dysfunction
  • Understand how to integrate neuro signs, movement patterns, and muscle length-tension to uncover the driver of shoulder and neck pain
  • Dive into understanding the role of the scapulae in shoulder and neck pain
  • Breakout rooms to work through assessment steps and treatment planning
  • Understand how to prioritize shoulder assessment data for more streamlined treatment planning 
  • Walk through treatment strategies for 3 common shoulder & scapulae movement dysfunctions
  • Group hot seats to work through real-world case examples 
  • Understand the 3 critical roles of the psoas in spine and hip health
  • Uncover the simple assessment strategies to understand the role of the diaphragm and psoas in low back and hip pain
  • Learn fast-acting exercises that will leave your patients speechless
  • Understand key movement tests to determine key drivers for hip and low back dysfunction
  • Choosing test-retest strategies for determining treatment pathways for the hip and low back
  • Learn why to move beyond the site of low back pain to understand other drivers impacting recovery and function
  • Learn the 4 considerations for a test-retest path 
  • Determine in-session testing strategies for low back and hip pain presentations
  • Group hot seats to work through real-world case examples 

Answers to Common Questions

  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Case Studies & Breakout Rooms (Value of $799)
  • Online Community with Peer-to-Peer Support (Value of $99)
  • Exclusive  Clinical Mindset Podcast Episodes (Value of $99)
  • Transformational Clinical Flow Framework (Value of $299)
  • Connect-the-Dots Decision Tree for Treating the Whole Body (Value of $299)
  • BONUS: Clinical Reset Meditation to Help you Avoid Burnout (Value of $19)
  • BONUS: Reflective Listening & Better Questions Guide (Value of $29)
  • BONUS: Path to Clinical Creativity Mini-Course (Value of $69)
  • 6 weeks, 2-3 hours per week
  • 1 x Weekly group coaching call (2 hr), recordings available
  • 1 x weekly Clinical Mindset Podcast Episodes (5-10 min)

Andrew graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2009 from the University of Alberta. He has pursued several post graduate courses and certifications including a Certificate in GunnIMS from UBC and a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture instructed by Dr. Aung from the University of Alberta. He also completed numerous courses in movement system diagnosis, running injury prevention, shoulder rehabilitation and sleep health.

He currently practices clinically and consults in the area of professional development and growth for clinical professionals. 


Our beta pricing is $297. This Program will never be offered again at such a discount. With over $3000 value paced through 6 weeks, regular pricing is $997.

What is the average cost of a post grad course? What is the cost of being off work to take the courses?

Here is an opportunity where you can keep working and move forward integrating your knowledge rather than just cramming in more knowledge without understanding how to utilize all the incoming data.

What is the cost to you work productivity, to your relationships at home, and to your health being miserable in the job that you once dreamed of doing? What is the time and financial costs of switching careers?

Reigniting your passion for physiotherapy is worth it.

I have my 100 Day Clinical Change Guarantee. Get all of your money back if you aren’t satisfied. All I ask is that you participate in all of the program materials during those first 2 weeks.

We are big believers in high frequency, and digestible amounts of learning rather than getting everything dumped on you in a 1 or 2 day course.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Information is dripped out with self paced course content
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Bonus material to be completed at your own pace

While the program is focused for physiotherapists, it is open to any movement-based therapist or movement rehab professional. 

  • Must be committed to being professional to fellow program participants
  • Must be willing to take an active role in learning. If you are just looking to sit back and get more information we feel that you will not find this program to be a good fit.

If you are willing to jump in with two feet and get your hands dirty, this program will be transformational!

Ready to transform your practice?

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