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Finding Freud in Physiotherapy-Part 3

Reconsidering Boundaries Moves Us Forward (Read Part 1 & Part 2 here) Are physiotherapists doing psychotherapy? Applying Frank and Frank’s descriptions, I say yes, physiotherapy treatment can be psychotherapeutic. In my view, psychotherapy is not solely contingent upon the treatment of psychological diagnoses; rather, it is a form of therapy that addresses the psychological factors of a person’s experience. Of […]

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Finding Freud in Physiotherapy-Part 2

Contextual Theory –An Unexpected Ally Although physiotherapy supports models that acknowledge psychological elements of rehabilitation, it may be surprising that support also comes from psychiatry. American psychiatrists Jerome and Julia Frank broadened the definition of psychotherapy by arguing that it is the healing relationship between a healing agent (therapist) and a sufferer (patient).1 The sufferer, wanting to alleviate disability,

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