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Feeling stuck with getting patients do their exercises consistently?

Take my free 5 day email challenge for better results!

Hi there! 

A while back I analyzed why some patients got better and others didn’t. I realized a major factor was patients not doing their exercises. 

No matter how good my exercises were, the hard truth was change wouldn’t come if they didn’t do them consistently.  

To help my patients get the results they wanted, I knew that I needed to unlock the key to having them do their exercises regularly. 

After much research and trial and error I designed a simple system for physiotherapists and movement professionals to use. 

And to help you get started, I’ve put together a free 5 day email challenge to help you with your patients.  
Hope to see you on the inside,


Andrew Koppejan, PT


The 5 Day Challenge to Greater Exercise Adherence

This free challenge for physiotherapists & movement professionals who want to improve their ability to help patients be more consistent with their exercises. 

What does it consist of? 

Every day there’s a short video where I teach a concept and share the challenge for the day.

You’ll get clear instructions on the challenge to do in your clinical practice. It’s bite-sized, and every other day you’ll get a new challenge in your inbox. 

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