Whiplash Injury Recovery: A self help guide

What Is It?

This helpful handout is an education resource for MVA patients who have sustained a whiplash associated disorder.

Our Thoughts:

This is a great patient resource that offers practical tips for ways patients can manage sleep positions, work ergonomics and everyday tasks like going to the movies without aggravating their whiplash symptoms. It discusses the importance and benefits of staying active in easy to understand layman’s terms. Handy pictures of simple exercises like posture correction, neck stretches and deep neck flexor training are also provided.

You won’t want to miss checking this out for these 2 reasons alone:

  1. It’s co-authored by neck guru physiotherapist Gwen Jull
  2. You’re free to reproduce the booklet for non-commercial purposes.

It’s a big file so make sure to be patient!



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