Podcast Episode 11: Predictive Role of Clinical Tests & BMI in Lateral Ankle Sprains

Episode Overview

In this episode, Russ Gothard and I talk about a 2016 study on predicting lateral ankle sprains based on clinical tests and body mass index called “Prediction of Lateral Ankle Sprains in Football Players Based on Clinical Tests and Body Mass Index“.

In this episode we talk about the study, including strengths and weaknesses as well as the study results. You’ll find out how the Functional Movement System (FMS) screening stacked up against BMI and the Star Excursion Balance Test.

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Here’s a link to a video demonstrating the Star Excursion Balance Test.

Here are some of the study findings:

  • Poor performance on the SEBT-ANT was associated with a nearly 3 times increased odds for sustaining a lateral ankle sprain
  • Increased BMI was associated with a 2 fold increased risk for lateral ankle sprains
  • The authors give experimental cut-means for low and high-risk categories for ankle injury. For the record, for BMI it’s the difference between 29.32 kg/m3 vs 26.7 in the non-injury group, and for anterior reaching on the SEBT it’s a difference of about 4cm.

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