Podcast Episode 10: Private Practice Ownership-An Interview with Raj Dhillon

Episode Overview

In this episode, I talk with Raj Dhillon, a clinic owner in Edmonton. Raj owns a physiotherapy clinic called Pivotal Physiotherapy. We discussed his journey to clinic ownership, whether to start or buy an existing clinic, and the benefits and drawbacks of that.

A few other things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Whether to have a partner or not
  • Myths and considerations around private practice ownership
  • Key areas of personal and professional development if physiotherapists are interested in clinic ownership

This is a great episode to listen to if you’ve ever thought about private practice clinic ownership.

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Interview Guest

Raj Dhillon owns Pivotal Physiotherapy with his partner, Craig Wilson. They joined the practice in 2003 and took full ownership in 2008. Since then, they have grown to three locations and now employ over 30 trained professionals, offering more than 13 types of services.

Their clinics can be found in the High Performance Center located within the Brewery District, the Northgate Center as well as Pivotal Fort Saskatchewan.

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