Podcast Episode 005: Why Seniors Health is the New Sexy

Episode Overview:

In this podcast I interview Todd Wolansky, Physiotherapist and a Clinical Lead with Alberta Health Services in Canmore. In this interview Todd shares about his work and passion in seniors health. In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Some startling demographic trends that will shape your practice
  • The concept of “sense making” and it’s importance for treating seniors
  • Why the ICF is something we shouldn’t forget about after finishing PT school.

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Interview Guest

Todd Wolansky is a physiotherapist working as a clinical lead for rural rehabilitation in the Calgary Zone of AHS. Clinically, Todd’s areas of passion & experience are in seniors’ health, chronic disease management, health coaching, and exercise prescription. In his lead role, he works with clinicians and operational leaders to support the delivery of evidence-informed service models. Todd is an elected council member with Physiotherapy Alberta. He is a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute, and a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Alberta. Todd is currently a candidate with the CPA’s clinical specialty program in Seniors’ Health.


Article: The Grey Tsunami: Why Seniors’ Health Physiotherapy is the New Sexy

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