Podcast Episode 003: Research Roundup

Episode Overview

In this episode, I’m joined by Russ Gothard, PT Student from the U of A. Russ provides a review of a concussion study published this year in JAMA called “Clinical Risk Score for Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms Among Children with Acute Concussion in the ED”. You’ll get a breakdown of the study, strengths, weaknesses and clinical application.

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Article Link

Here are the items included in the concussion scale:

  • Age group (5-7, 8-12, 13-<18)
  • Sex (M/F)
  • Prior concussion + symptom duration (No prior concussion and or symptom duration < 1wk, prior concussion and or symptom duration >1 wk)
  • (Physician-diagnosed) history of migraine (yes/no)
  • Answering questions slowly (yes/no)
  • Balance Error Scoring System tandem stance # of errors (0-3, >4 or unable to take test)
  • Headache (yes/no)
  • Sensitivity to noise (yes/no)
  • Fatigue (yes/no)

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