Episode 54-Developing Therapeutic Relationships within the Telehealth Context

This episode of the ignitephysio podcast with hosts Andrew and Maxi shares the recording of their Virtual Coffee Webinar for the College of Physical Therapists of BC.

The topic of the Webinar was the role of therapeutic relationships within the context of telehealth/telerehab, with a great conversation that covered a lot of ground, and their answers to poll questions from attendees that discusses where clinicians are at with telerehab.

Their conversation explored beliefs and perspectives on achieving positive clinical interactions with telehealth, examining what causes transformation for the patient, and the opportunities for the clinician and patient within this new clinical environment.

Our perceptions don’t necessarily equal the patient’s perceptions. Let’s hold our perceptions and beliefs about telehealth with more of an open hand. – Andrew

Some of the key topics discussed in the Webinar include:

  • How the pandemic is forcing rehab professionals to consider how to be of service in a different way, and the need for being nimble.
  • Why telerehab provides opportunity for interacting with the patients differently, with more communication and active listening, collaboration, and feedback.
  • The opportunity for clinicians to fine-tune new skills besides hands-on treatment.
  • The benefits for the patient of being in their home environment during sessions.
  • The challenges of treatment adaptation.
  • Communicating the value of virtual sessions, prepping the patient and setting up the environment, and being creative with trying new things.

This could be the opportunity even more so, to get on the same page as our patients. It is offering us a space to expand how we can give service. – Maxi

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