Episode 33-Exploring the Important Role of Sleep Health in Patient Recovery

In this episode Maxi interviews Andrew about his journey of understanding the critical role of sleep in the recovery of patients.

For the past couple of years, Andrew has taken a deep dive into the area of sleep health, and has compiled hundreds of hours of research into a comprehensive format that pulls it all together. The culmination of his work is Sleep Health Matters.

He shares in this discussion a better understanding of the process of sleep. Some of the topics include:

  • Why sleep?
  • Sleep and pain
  • How the lack of knowledge about sleep impacts the ability of PT’s to assist patients
  • How providing advice about “Sleep Hygiene” isn’t enough
  • How the “Sleep Drive” is a key factor in healthy sleep

This informative episode explores the big opportunity that PT’s have to provide leadership in the field of Sleep Health.

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Andrew’s book Go To Bed: The Clinician’s Handbook for Understanding Sleep is now available on Amazon.


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