It's time to stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed treating the scapula.

Join this 4-day live training that hands over the clinically tested ingredients needed to finally understand how to assess and treat the scapula. Get clinically actionable teaching that you can put into practice immediately so get better results for your patients!  

Where do you find yourself when trying to assess & treat the scapula?

The "Scapula Squeeze" Problem

You've outgrown the scapular squeeze as your go-to exercise.

But wonder if you could see faster results with providing more specific scapular exercises, but not sure where to start. 

The "One Trick Pony" Assessment

You can identify the protracted scapula, but want to get more specific.

A protracted scapula is common, but what’s the best way to treat it and what else could be going on that could be limiting treatment progress? 

Connecting the Dots...
But How?

You want to better understand how the shoulder joint and scapula should interact.

Assessing the scapula as it relates to the shoulder joint can feel overwhelming and not even sure what to look at.

The scapula can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Often times, it feels easier to focus on the rotator cuff because we’re not sure what the best approach is for the scapula. 

But, I’m going to help improve your confidence in assessing & treating the scapula effortlessly

Hey there! I'm Andrew.

I'm here to help you take your understanding of the scapula to a new level.

I am a Canadian physiotherapist with 13 years of clinical experience. Treating the shoulder has always fascinated me. And early in my career, I was fortunate to be taught by the pioneer in movement systems assessment and treatment – physiotherapist Shirley Sahrmann. Having completed advanced coursework in both upper and lower extremity assessment and treatment, I have pursued deeply integrating observing and understanding the interconnection between the scapula and shoulder joints.

Coupled with training in both acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation (GunnIMS), I further developed an appreciation and understanding of the role of the nervous system on muscle and joint function. 

Over the past few years, I have been working on a cohesive framework for assessing and treating the body that is principle-based and helps therapists and movement professionals easily understand how to connect the dots in assessing and treating movement-related dysfunction.  


"I'm handing over my recipe on how to assess and treat the scapulae along with the tools to help you change your practice in less than a week."

No long boring webinars

No more expensive courses

No more info without change

Just the key ingredients you need to unlock your understanding for the scapulae so that you can get better results with your painful shoulder patients. 

Can’t join me live every day? No worries. You’ll have FULL ACCESS to the replays during the bootcamp so you can complete the bootcamp at your pace. 

Here's a Sneak Peek at What's Going to Happen:

Day 1: Scapula Basics & Static Assessment of the Scapula

Understanding the scapula can be confusing. In this first day, you will learn the foundations necessary to evaluate and treat the scapula.  Hone your observation skills and learn to identify the 3 key scapular positions that contribute to shoulder pain and dysfunction. 

Day 2: Dynamic Assessment of the Scapula &

This session will help you understand and evaluate movement of the scapula as it relates to shoulder movement and stabilization. Learn the correct rhythm of the scapula with shoulder movements and how to pick out common problems that contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Plus learn how to quickly identify if this under-the-radar muscle is impacting shoulder ROM & strength.

Day 3: Treatment of the Scapula

Move over scapular squeezes! This day will cover specific hands-on treatments and patient exercises to help restore optimal positioning, movement and stabilization of the scapular muscles. 

Day 4: Connecting the Dots & Closing Ceremony

In this session, I’m going to walk through how to improve how you connect the dots by addressing the scapulae and treating painful shoulders. We’ll have a special Closing Ceremony where we will celebrate your wins with an opportunity to ask any questions that may be holding you back from applying what you learned in the bootcamp. 

Oh wait... did you think I was done? Nope! Let's talk about the 5 FREE bonuses you get!

Bonus 1: bootcamp workbook

Integrate the learning faster with a fill-in-the blank workbook.

Engage with the content and have a space to jot down your 'aha's' during the bootcamp.

Bonus 2: exercise video vault

Refresh your understanding of the scapula treatments after the bootcamp.

Get step-by-step video walk-throughs of the scapular exercises presented during the program for 3 months.


Integrate the learning faster with a fill-in-the blank workbook.

This worksheet helps you to troubleshoot your shoulder patient cases and pinpoint the role of the scapula in bringing pain relief and improved function.

Bonus 4: shoulder case review template

Use this template to walk through your shoulder cases.

This PDF template gives you the key elements to review so you can integrate your bootcamp knowledge with your painful shoulder cases.

Bonus 5: clinical change action plan

Maximize transforming information to clinical improvement.

This bonus will help you translate your knowledge into your clinical practice that integrates motivation psychology best practices.

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30 Day Clinical Practice Change Guarantee

This program will change your clinical practice… guaranteed!

If you don’t feel that your assessment and treatment of the scapula have improved because of this bootcamp, then you get your money back. I’m so positive that you’ll feel more confident as a clinician and you’ll see better results with your patients that I am offering a full refund for 30 days.

I am confident you won’t need a refund, but just in case, there are only two requirements to qualify for the guarantee. First, you must watch each of the sessions. Second, you must share feedback with me on why you felt you didn’t see improvement. 

That’s all!

Lingering questions? I've got you covered!

What if I can't make the live sessions?

No worries! you will have access to the recordings in the private Facebook group. But if you're not on Facebook, you can also access the recordings in your member portal.

Who is this training for?

This training is for all movement focused professionals including physiotherapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

How long will each session be?

Each daily training session will be approximately 30 minutes training with an opportunity for 10 minutes of Q&A after each session.

When will you be offering your next bootcamp?

There is no set date, but you can let me know that you'd like to be added to the waitlist for my next bootcamp.

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Andrew Koppejan
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