Get Unstuck Now! Exercise Adherence Workshop

Get your patients to do their exercises consistently…then experience better results and feel more energized in your practice.

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You’re passionate that movement is medicine. Yet you're struggling to find a way to keep your patients doing their exercises.

👉You've tried giving out exercise diagrams & videos...

But wonder if the time you spend creating exercise programs is helping your patients.

👉You've tried watching motivational interviewing webinars...

But don’t want to feel like you need to be a psychologist just to do your job!

👉You've empathized with your patients about their exercise struggles...

But find yourself relying on passive treatments more than you want to.

What if you stopped giving your patients more exercises and instead started teaching them how to be consistent with exercises you've already given?

Here’s the deal with getting patients to do their exercises consistently:

..and that’s where the 360 Clinician Exercise Adherence Framework comes in.

The 360 Clinician Exercise Adherence Framework

Build Trust

Establishing a strong therapeutic alliance helps your patients have the confidence to step into new exercise habits. 

Connect the Dots

Linking your exercise plan to your assessment findings helps give your patients the motivation to do new exercises.

Create Structure

Designing an exercise structure that's personalized to the patient helps to build consistency and results.

Ready to finally have your patients do their exercises consistently?

All you need is...

Get Unstuck NOW! Exercise Adherence Workshop

With patients exercising consistently, you can enjoy better outcomes, more engaged patients, and alot more good clinic days.

In this on-demand workshop you will learn my bullet-proof approach to help patients get back on track doing their exercises consistently without either you or your patients feeling frustrated or guilty. 

Plus get amazing workshop bonuses to help you put workshop content into clinical practice fast!  

Hear from a few of past workshop participants:

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This workshop was concise, thorough and above all practical. I love when you can attend a course and immediately apply the information learned.

Highly recommended!
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I could really relate Andrew’s clinical scenarios. Loved learning about the steps to build exercise adherence.

I feel confident to roll this out with my patients tomorrow!
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Excellent re-think of exercise prescription!

I feel like I can help my patients by making exercising simple, meaningful, and emotionally rewarding.

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A very helpful workshop to help improve clients’ behavior towards exercises.

Wondering what we're covering in our workshop? Glad you asked!

In this workshop, you’ll learn: 

Where we go wrong with exercise adherence:

Get to the root of common patient challenges:

Unlock my practical, easy-to-implement system where you'll learn:

Everything you need to have a good clinic day & help your patients exercise more.

Plus get these amazing workshop bonuses!

BONUS: Exercise Action Planning Tool

You get a printable version of my patient communication & accountability tool all bundled together into one simple low-tech solution.

Be ready to start taking action with your patients your next clinical day!
$47 Value

BONUS: Exercise Design Idea Guides

My exercise design ideas guides give you 16 different ideas to quickly help design new movement habits.

This bonus will give you create ideas to help you personalize and customize new exercise habits for any patient.
$29 Value

BONUS: 30 Day Implementation Support

My email implementation support will give you small prompts and accountability over a 30 day period to help you move past information and experience a changed clinical practice.
$39 Value

BONUS: Research Summary

Gain extra time by saving yourself from doing tedious literature searches. I've summarized the evidence that backs up this approach.

Be confident when speaking with colleagues and clinical supervisors.
$17 Value

Get your patients exercising consistently without awkward conversations, complicated behaviour change scripts or time consuming exercise sheets.

I'm Andrew.

I love helping patients build the habit of exercise because I love seeing patients empowered and transformed.

The seed of creating this workshop began with recognizing how inconsistent I was around doing my own exercises.

It was a powerful realization that if I, as a clinician had adherence issues… how could I possibly expect my patients to be successful in navigating their exercise consistency?

I enjoy teaching & mentoring physiotherapists in my clinician coaching program. The 4 step method I share in this workshop builds on my 360Clinician 3C Model.

Space for Curiosity: I believe that growth and wholeness occur when curiosity is supported and fostered. Honouring our individual therapy paths, I believe that each of us brings unique skills, experiences, and personalities to support healing and health.

Collaboration At The Core. I believe that the imbalanced hierarchy between patient and therapist is outdated and hinders real lasting healing. Therapeutic alliance supports this collaboration and drives change and growth.

Creativity is Fostered. I believe that individual creativity should be guarded and nurtured. I shrug off old clinical systems and guru hierarchies and instead nurture and support each individual’s creative spirit and output.

With my workshop, you’re just a few steps away from…

Get $10 off with the coupon ROCKSTAR. This offer ends in: