Get Unstuck Now With Exercise Adherence

A complete system to easily have your patients do their exercises consistently…

and experience better results 📈 & feel more energized 🚀 in your practice.

Are you struggling to find a way to keep your patients doing their exercises?

👉You've tried giving out exercise diagrams & videos...

But wonder if the time you spend creating exercise programs is helping your patients.

👉You've tried watching motivational interviewing webinars...

But don’t want to feel like you need to be a psychologist just to do your job!

👉You've empathized with your patients about their exercise struggles...

But find yourself relying on passive treatments more than you want to.

Here’s the hard truth about poor exercise adherence:

Ready to finally have your patients do their exercises consistently?

Get Unstuck NOW! Exercise Adherence Workshop

With patients exercising consistently, you can enjoy better outcomes, more engaged patients, and alot more good clinic days.

Learn my clinically tested daily action system in this live  workshop experience.  My bullet-proof approach will help you understand how to get patients back on track with doing exercises consistently without you or your patients feeling frustrated or guilty. 

In this LIVE virtual 90 minute workshop, you’ll walk away with:


You'll learn the system AND be guided and supported into action.

You’ll receive my self-paced implementation program that will give you specific action steps to progressively build your confidence and skill in improving exercise adherence with your patients over a 30-day period.

The program helps you move past information into clinical integration and application.

Keep scrolling to check out my other clinically tested bonuses that will help you put workshop content into clinical practice fast!  

60 Day Clinical Practice Change Guarantee

This program will change your clinical practice… guaranteed! 

If you don’t find that patient exercise adherence improves with the system I teach within 60 days from the workshop, then you get your money back. 

I am confident you won’t need a refund, but just in case, there are only two requirements to qualify for the guarantee. First, you must have attended the workshop and completed the 30 Day Implementation Plan. Second, you must share feedback with me on why you felt you didn’t see improvement. That’s all!

Hear from a few of the past program participants:

You're getting more than a workshop.

You're getting a system.

The workshop training is just the start. You receive physical patient planning and action tools that will give you the confidence to begin helping patients. As well, you’ll be guided step-by-step over 30 days to integrate learning into your clinical practice. Guaranteed! 

(scroll down to see my 60 Day Clinical Integration Guarantee)

Practicing Physiotherapist for 14 years

I'm Andrew.

I love helping patients build the habit of exercise because I love seeing patients empowered and transformed.

The seed of creating this workshop began with recognizing how inconsistent I was around doing my exercises.


It was a powerful realization that if I, as a clinician, had adherence issues… how could I possibly expect my patients to be successful in navigating their exercise consistency?

Over the past several years, I have been refining this approach to improve exercise adherence and the bottom line is it works! 

It’s practical, it’s been battle-tested in a busy clinical practice and it can apply to patients of any age. 

Live Workshop Dates

Clinical schedules can vary. That’s why I’m offering two options to attend the live, virtual workshop. 

Selecting your workshop time will be done after workshop registration. 

A replay is available if you are not able to attend live. 

You'll be able to choose from one of two dates:

October 26

6:30pm PST  /  7:30pm MST  /  9:30pm EST

October 28

8:30am PST  /  9:30am MST  /  11:30am EST 

Wondering what I'm covering in this program? Glad you asked!

Where we go wrong with exercise adherence:

Get to the root of common patient challenges:

Unlock my practical, easy-to-implement system where you'll learn:

Everything you need to have a good clinic day & help your patients exercise more.

Plus get these amazing bonuses!

Valued at $297! 

A Physical Set of 20 Daily Action Cards

Value of $39
The magic sauce of the system is the Daily Action Card - a collaborative action planning card that helps your patients take action with lifestyle changes and exercises. It's low tech so any patient can use them.
You will receive a set of 20 professionally designed cards that you can proudly use with your patients immediately. A digital version will also be provided for your own personal printing.

30 Day Implementation Program

Value of $99
This self-paced implementation program will give you specific action steps to progressively build your confidence and skill in improving exercise adherence with your patients over a 30 day period.

The program helps you move past information into clinical integration and application.

Suite of Clinical Support Tools

Value of $89
To help you implement learning as quickly as possible, you will receive multiple scripts that will give you the phrases and words to say. This includes a script to introduce exercise adherence and gaining patient buy-in, a script to walk through the Daily Action Card.

You will also receive a guide with 16 different ideas to quickly help design new movement habits. It will help you personalize new exercise habits for any patient. You will also receive my 1 Page Behaviour Design Planning Template which streamlines planning with your patients.

Editable Patient Supports

Value of $34
Reinforcing key messages with patients can accelerate new patient beliefs and support change. Get my editable email template and handout that you can use with your patient caseload.

Workshop Workbook

Value of $19
You will receive a printable workbook that will give you space to jot down notes and help to process the learning you will do during the workshop.

Exercise Adherence Research Summary

Value of $17
Gain extra time by saving yourself from doing tedious literature searches. I've summarized the evidence that backs up this approach. Be confident when speaking with colleagues and clinical supervisors.

Here are a few more reviews from past participants👇

With my system, you’re just a few steps away from…

Reserve your seat today!

Exercise Adherence Workshop

Live Workshop Experience + 30 Day Implementation Program
$ 129 CAD
  • Live workshop event
  • Workshop replay available for 6 months
  • Printable workshop workbook
  • Daily Action Card 20-Pack shipped to you
  • 30 Day Implementation Program
  • Suite of Clinician Support Tools
  • Patient Supports
  • Exercise Adherence Research Summary

Andrew Koppejan is sa physiotherapist and clinical coach dedicated to helping therapists improve clinical impact and career satisfaction.

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