this it?

Dear Physiotherapist,

I know what you’re going through.

That sinking feeling of wondering whether you’ve made a terrible mistake. That question of whether this profession was even the right decision in the first place.

The constant stress. The frustration with not getting enough results for your patients. The self-doubting and the pressures: the pressures from your boss; the unspoken pressure from your patients. And last, but not least the pressure you put on yourself.

It’s funny because I think we all started with such passion for helping people, such curiosity of human movement and the amazing potential to connect the dots for people to move and function better.

And after finishing school, we thought we were finally free, but then the heat really came on. The safety of student placements, classmates, etc was no longer there to support us.

We default to thinking we don’t have enough information, enough skills, enough tools in our toolbox. Thinking that another course will make the difference and unlock your ability to bring value, skill and ultimately more enjoyment in your work.

There’s something I want to tell you.


We’ve been fed the lie that becoming a skilled, in-the-flow clinician is about taking more and more courses. Or that it’s about following the outspoken guru who promises to take away that constant feeling of inadequacy you feel every. single. day. But the truth is these things won’t help you become the curious, creative, and collaborative therapist you’ve always dreamed of being.

Everything you need to be the amazing clinician you’ve always dreamed of being is already right within you. Your ability to deliver amazing value to your caseload, bring deep healing to your patients and love your work on a daily basis is already here for the taking. You just need to learn to access it.

A shift is required.


We need to shift attention away from acquiring new information and focus on nurturing a mindset that supports conceptual connections and integrated insights.

To avoid defaulting to cookie cutter treatments, you need to avoid the temptation of gathering more assessment data points. Rather it’s about shifting into a place where you can see new connections and patterns that allow you to connect the dots and understand the real drivers of pain and dysfunction.

It’s about showing you how to achieve your peak performance as a practicing clinician.

A unique clinical path of discovery.

As a physiotherapist with over twelve years of clinical experience, I’ve travelled a unique path of self-discovery and clinical experiences that has brought me to a place of deep clinical fulfillment and raving client results.

I’ve gone through the valleys of doubt, the whirlwinds of overwhelm and the desert of desolation to come to a place of flow in my patient interactions and assessments.

To be honest I never thought my clinical reasoning was anything out of the ordinary, but clinicians and patients alike have strongly disagreed. They’ve been amazed at my ability to see the whole person and link the path between pain sites and pain drivers to get rapid relief even for the most chronic of conditions.

Here's what a recent patient shared about her treatment experience...

Just like me, you have your own unique life experiences, personality, training and passions.

And it’s important that you honour the core of who you are in your quest to achieve clinical flow and fulfilment in your physiotherapy career.

Ready to let go of what's holding you back?

If you’re ready to:

  • Let go of the self-doubt
  • Get away from the constant feeling of overwhelm
  • Get the most from your assessments
  • Stop defaulting to cookie cutter treatments 
  • Overcome the gnawing feeling of inadequacy you feel.
  • Become a creative, curious & confident clinician

Then you’re in the right place.

I'm here to help!

I have come to realize through my past coaching and mentoring with physiotherapists that there’s a real need in our physiotherapy community. 

With over 12 years of clinical experience, I’m excited to tangibly help clinicians reach their peak performance. 

I’ve put together a coaching program to specifically help you move into a flow state with your clinical practice so you can be confident and love your work day in and day out.

Ready to find out more?


The Confident Clinician Coaching Program

This 8 week program is designed to transform you into a clinician who operates on a new plane of clinical awareness, insight and impact.  This coaching program moves past information acquisition and is focused 100% on clinician transformation.

In this program you'll learn:

My Approach

Here’s what you can expect in our approach to helping you achieve peak clinical performance. 

Movement systems matter

We believe that understanding, assessing and treating movement systems is a powerful lever to resolving pain and regaining function. Integrated movements with function is the ultimate test for physical resiliency. 

A scientific mindset to every assessment

We believe that our diagnoses should be treated as hypotheses that need testing and confirmation. By integrating an ‘experiment’ first approach, pre-testing and post-testing interventions within session can rapidly identify potent levers for patient change.  

A neuro exam is more than ruling out red flags

We believe that a neuro exam needs to be integrated more deeply into the evaluation of movement & function. Healthy nervous system equals a happy muscle & movement system. 

More than lip service to the biopsychosocial model

We believe that health domains like sleep, resiliency, activity & loading, and pain beliefs are powerful influencers to recovery. The key to long lasting recovery lies outside the biomedical model.

Avoid the magic hands techniques that are hard replicate

We believe nuanced manual therapy techniques aren’t what create lasting change in patients. To be honest we believe it’s what creates alot of therapist anxiety and sense of inadequacy. Therapy needs to address the whole person. Engaging the patient in a collaborative active approach is the key to superior long-lasting clinical outcomes.

Want to hear Andrew & Alec talk about a patient case?

Walk through one of Andrew’s recent cases and how he approached evaluating bilateral elbow pain and how his evaluation didn’t stop at the neck. 

Meagan Physiotherapist

Hear what Meagan had to say about Andrew's coaching...

In the past, I was much more pathoanatomically focused and really honed in on the site of injury. I would just dive into exercise and carry on from there. But I started getting mentally stuck with a lot of patients. 

Since getting mentoring with Andrew though, I’ve started looking at things with a broader lens and taking the patient more as a whole.

The thing that really struck me about Andrew’s approach is that it isn’t rocket science. But his holistic approach and in-depth appreciation for the whole kinetic chain has freed me to move beyond the site of pain.

The 360º Evaluation Framework allows me the wiggle room I need when broadening my scope of practice with the patient to really dive into other areas that are contributing to their pain without them thinking I’m crazy.

I found my patients are more on board. They understand more about what I’m doing. They’re more open to me trying new things instead of expecting me to fix them. No more, “Where’s my hot pack? Where’s my ultrasound? Where’s my manual hands-on stuff?” 

My patients are more actively invested now, which is really fun!

Program Deliverables

Over $3,000 of value for an amazing launch price of only $497!

Ready to transform your practice?

Participants Can Expect To...

Build the 3C's Necessary to Fuel Your Flow State

Stop feeling panicked, frustrated and discouraged with your evaluations. Re-ignite the Curiosity, tune into your unique Creativity and Collaborate with your patients in deeper ways. 

Get Unstuck With Tricky Cases & Connect the Dots with Ease

Leave behind cookie-cutter treatments and connect-the-dots to deliver treatment that you know will improve your patient condition. 

Get Confident Treating the Whole Person

We give you the knowledge & framework to understand key health domains such as sleep, pain beliefs, resiliency and loading patterns along with the decision tools to deliver 360 degree care.

Become More Efficient & Deliver More Value

Focus on the things that matter and avoid confusion, overwhelm and panic. By having the frameworks and decision support tools, you can focus on bringing your creativity and curiosity to each & every session and deliver amazing results every time. 

Do you have any questions?

Do you have a question about the program? We’d love to answer your questions! 

Ask your question by video, audio or text and we’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP. 

Hear Meagan share about how her practice has changed:

Meagan is a physiotherapist practicing for 6 years 

Program Timetable

Week 1: Foundations

Learn the building blocks to build consistent, sustainable mental flow to optimize clinical performance.

Week 2: Upper Body

Improve your critical thinking & pattern recognition with upper body dysfunction and pain.

Week 3: Lower Body

Improve your critical thinking & pattern recognition with lower body dysfunction and pain.

Week 4: Pain

Gain confidence and skill in transforming your patient approach to overcoming persistent pain.

Week 5: Sleep

Build confidence in how to incorporate sleep health in the treatment of persistent musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Week 6: Resiliency

Enhance your skills and get comfortable addressing mental resiliency during physical recovery

Week 7: Activity & Loading

Learn how to navigate tissue loading & activity adaptation for improved recovery and injury recurrence.

Week 8: Clinical Integration

Further integrate your learning in assessing and treating the whole person.

BONUS: Reflective Listening & Better Questions Guide

Get this handy blueprint to bring out the best of your active listening skills more consistently
(Value of $29)

BONUS: Clinical Core Values Identification Worksheet

Identify your clinical core purpose and so you can build enhanced alignment and passion
(Value of $19)

Your Bridge to Better Clinical Flow

The Clinical Insights 360 Web App is an amazing tool to help you avoid assessment bias and pinpoint both movement, strength and other biopsychosocial drivers for your patients’ dysfunction. 

This tool is much more than an outcome measure. It brings unique insights that engages your patients and allows your assessments to be more efficient while engaging your patients like never before! 

Your Access is Included in the Program

By joining the program, you get access to this program for the duration of the program. As well, as a lifetime discount once the program is complete!

Therapist Feedback on the CI360 Scorecard App

Ready to transform your practice?

How The Program Works

Coaching Sessions Via Video Conferencing

Our sessions are delivered virtually so you can access from anywhere. Limited duration recordings will be available for participants who can’t attend the session live. 

Get Peer Support in Our Private Online Community

Our private online community gives you ample opportunity to connect with other participants as well as with Andrew & Alec in-between coaching sessions. 

Weekly Podcasts Delivered to Your Inbox

Learn strategies and glean insights on how to develop improved your clinical flow state through exclusive podcast episodes delivered weekly to program participants. 

Get Personalized Check-ins During the Program

Stay on track with personal check-ins from the coaching team to help keep you motivated and on-track during your program. 

Get A New Transformation Challenge to Your Inbox

Build important clinical flow skills through four challenges delivered every two weeks of the program. 


Program Days & Times

The coaching program will begin with our first coaching session on July 6 (Monday). 

Each of the coaching sessions will take place at 6 pm MST each Monday evening for 8 weeks. In the event that you can’t make a session, a limited duration replay will be made available for your viewing. 

The additional live sessions are yet to be determined.   

Beta Pricing Deal

This program is currently in a beta phase which means you’re going to get a lot of personal attention at an amazing price

In fact, Alec & I won’t be offering the program at this price again. 

Registration Deadline

There’s a limit of 30 participants for this coaching program so don’t delay in reserving your spot for this program. The registration deadline is Sunday, June 28st at midnight.

Confident Clinican Coaching Program

$1497 $497
Sorry, registration is closed for the program. Please ask to join our waitlist by emailing

Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll love the coaching program that if you don’t feel it’s the right fit for you within the first 14 days of the program, you’ll get a full refund. 

There are two requirements to qualify for this guarantee. First, you will need to participate in the first two weekly coaching sessions. And second, we ask that you share your feedback on what was missing in the program. That’s it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 8 x 90 minute Group Coaching Sessions with Case Studies & Live Hot Seats (Value of $799)
  • 2 x 2 Hour Sessions on Clinical Flow State Optimization (Value of $299)
  • 8 Week Performance Transformation Plan (Value of $199)
  • In-Program Accountability & Personal Support (Value of $299)
  • Online Community with Peer-to-Peer Support (Value of $99)
  • Exclusive 8 Clinical Mindset Podcast Episodes by Andrew & Alec (Value of $99)
  • 4 Clinical Challenges to Promote Clinical Transformation (Value of $149)
  • Transformational Clinical Flow Framework (Value of $299)
  • Connect-the-Dots Decision Tree for Treating the Whole Body (Value of $299)
  • The Integrated 3 Step Method for Persistent Pain Progress (Value of $199)
  • BONUS: Sleep Patient Education Bundle (Value of $59)
  • BONUS: Clinical Reset Meditation to Help you Avoid Burnout (Value of $19)
  • BONUS: Reflective Listening & Better Questions Guide (Value of $29)
  • BONUS: Path to Clinical Creativity Mini Course (Value of $69)
  • PLUS: Access to CI360 Web Assessment Tool for 8 Weeks (Value of $98)
  • 8 weeks, 2-3 hours per week
  • 1 x Weekly group coaching call (2 hr), recordings available
  • 1 x Monthly live session on Clinical Flow State Optimization (1hr)
  • 1 x weekly Clinical Mindset Podcast Episodes (5-10 min)

Andrew graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2009 from the University of Alberta. He has pursued several post graduate courses and certifications including a Certificate in GunnIMS from UBC and a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture instructed by Dr. Aung from the University of Alberta. He also completed numerous courses in movement system diagnosis, running injury prevention, shoulder rehabilitation and sleep health.

Alec received his Bachelors of Science with Distinction in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary in 2006 before going to the University of Alberta to graduate with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2012. Alec has completed various post-graduate courses as well as a lot of independent study on managing patients with complex pain.

Our beta pricing is $297. This Program will never be offered again at such a discount. With over $3000 value paced through 8 weeks, regular pricing is $1,397.

What is the average cost of a post grad course? What is the cost of being off work to take the courses?

Here is an opportunity where you can keep working and move forward integrating your knowledge rather than just cramming in more knowledge without understanding how to utilize all the incoming data.

What is the cost to you work productivity, to your relationships at home, and to your health being miserable in the job that you once dreamed of doing? What is the time and financial costs of switching careers?

Reigniting your passion for physiotherapy is worth it.

We have a two week guarantee. Get all of your money back if you aren’t satisfied. All we ask is that you participate in all of the program materials during those first 2 weeks.

We are big believers in high frequency, and digestible amounts of learning rather than getting everything dumped on you in a 1 or 2 day course.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Information is dripped out with self paced course content
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Monthly live instruction on flow state for peak clinical performance
    Weekly podcasts
  • Bonus material to be completed at your own pace

Currently the clinical performance coaching program is for physiotherapists only. If you are a movement based therapist or rehabilitation professional who is interested in receiving coaching for peak clinical performance consider emailing Andrew or I for more information on our individual clinical coaching program details.

  • Must be a licensed physiotherapist or having completed a physiotherapy academic program
  • Must be committed to being professional to fellow program participants
  • Must be willing to take an active role in learning. If you are just looking to sit back and get more information we feel that you will not find this program to be a good fit.

If you are willing to jump in with two feet and get your hands dirty, this program will be transformational!

About the Program Coaches

Andrew Koppejan, PT

Andrew is a practicing physiotherapist from Canada with 12 years of experience in both acute care and private orthopedic practice. He has a prior degree in business administration with experience in marketing and branding.

He is the founder of ignitephysio, an online community of practice for physiotherapists in Canada with over 3,000 members. He cohosts the ignitephysio podcast with Maxi Miciak, a physiotherapist with a PhD in investigating the therapeutic relationship. This popular podcast covers topics relating to therapist growth, therapeutic relationships and professional practice issues. 

Andrew has a special interest in sleep health and the relationship between sleep and pain.  He has written a handbook on sleep health for rehab therapists which is available on Amazon

Alec Chisholm, PT

Alec is a Canadian physiotherapist who has been practicing in rural locations since 2012. He quickly developed clinical experience working in multiple settings in both the public and private sector, including sole clinic ownership. Alec thrives from the challenges unique to rural practice including seeing a broad range of conditions.

Given the diverse skillset needed in a rural setting, he has enjoyed developing skills around treating chronic pain and management of complex patients.

Alec’s passion for improving the patients experience and the effectiveness of healthcare has led him to speaking for different groups including the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada.

Ready to transform your practice?